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Artist Statement

Li Turner grew up in a small New England town that was isolated from much of the world. She moved west to attend college where she took painting and sculpture classes at UC Berkeley and the University of Utah.  Then to Seattle, where she has lived for over 30 years. Turner truly came to her unique artistic style in the late 80’s with paintings of women and social issues combined in a Reductive Realistic style. Her vibrant use of color plays a fundamental role in this endeavor. It is used to stimulate, to engage, and to cause a reaction in the viewer. Because much of the world can be a colorful place even in the midst of chaos, Turner uses the power of color to communicate her artistic intent.

Li Turner’s work has been exhibited in many cities including; New York, Chicago, and Montreal, as well as; Scotland, China, and Denmark. Her prints and paintings are held in the public collections of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the Portland Contemporary Arts Gallery, and the University of Washington.

World Copyright is held by Li Turner for all images on this website.



Welcome to the website of Li Turner.

This site contains images from three unique series of paintings and prints by the artist. All images are solely owned by the artist who retains the world copyright. You will also find original greeting cards and art books available for purchase. We hope you enjoy viewing the images. Please do contact us with your comments, requests, and purchases.

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